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Ruby Object Model 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 2 Min. Read Dec 28, 2019
 Ruby Ruby Object Model Objects OOP

Object is the base of the idea of Object Oriented Programming. Object is the mapping of real world objects or resources in to the digital paradigm.
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Hidden View Helper Methods In Rails 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 2 Min. Read Oct 1, 2019
 rails ruby views helpers

There are a lot of Rails view helper methods that are still unknown to most of the Rails developers. They are undocumented in the Rails guide but have good explanation in API Doc though.
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Learn the awesome language Dart for Desktop, Mobile app development in just one day. You must have working knowledge of any language first.
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Find all the Provinces with districts with all Municipalities in Nepal.
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Convert Your Ruby Script To A Ruby Gem 

ShivaShiva Bhusal (Software Engineer) 7 Min. Read Aug 30, 2019
 Rails Gems New Gem RubyGems

You might find a easy guide to convert your existing stripts to Ruby Gems and Publish.
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I got `SystemStackError: stack level too deep` error when defining a named scope in Model.
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The purpose of this library is to combine features of `google map` such as map, marker and corresponding info window rendering to a single API call. This simplifies implementing google map into your project while not having to remember all the associated API calls provided by it. Just include the script tag into your project and initialize and object of `ideaMap` class with appropriate parameters while rendering the map. While instantiating the `ideaMap` class, there are certain parameters that you need to pass according to your requirement. Let’s go over them, Here, we’ve passed in an object while initializing the map.
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You can simply transfer state from parent to child or use Context API to transfer model/context data to underlying components. But the later one is easier to maintain.
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I encountered a series of errors when I tried to run my existing Rails5 app in my freshly installed macOS Mojave. this generated some errors like, node not found, then I installed node using brew. then, Solution now it installs all the dependencies properly

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