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Shiva Bhusal

Software Engineer

I am a  Ruby logo , Rubygems and Rails contributor. Also, creator of  The Ruby.js project.

I have a degree of Electronics and Communication Engineering from University and Software Engineering degree from Experience.
I started Developing softwares for Windows since 2003 and for web from 2014.
I am good teacher too; my students say.

I can help you with the following things:-

As a Devops Engineer (Rails/Ruby Apps)

I have expertise in Docker Rack Nginx Linux based Tools Ruby Scripts Monit Git

As a pure Back-End Engineer.

I have expertise in Ruby On RailsSinatra RSpec TDD Background Jobs Nginx Design Patterns SOLID Principles Linux / Scripts FFMPEG Library

As a pure iOS / Android App Dev.

I have expertise in JavaScript NodeJS ReactJS Redux React Native

As a
Full Stack Engineer.

I have expertise in Ruby On Rails JavaScript NodeJS ReactJS RSpec Background Jobs Nginx Linux / Scripts HTML CSS Bootstrap Graphics Design SEO

As a Programming Mentor

I can teach you Ruby Ruby On Rails C JavaScript TDD

I love teaching, I have trained batches of Fresh Engineering Graduates at Idea Breed Technology.

See I make screencasts too.

Ruby Code Audit and Optimization

I can review your existing code-base and point out weak-points and suggest improvements. Design PatternsLoop Holes Security Concerns

Static Websites / Business Brochure with CMS

Using Technologies like HTML CSS Bootstrap Graphics Design SEO

What they say about me.

Peyton Fouts

OuiBox, LLC

Shiva Bhusal worked for me at my development company, OuiBox Pro for almost 11 months, October 2015 to August 2016. He was my most dependable, hardest working and smart developers I’ve ever worked with. He did not bring me problems, he found solutions. Something that set him apart from other developers (and I have worked with over 50 developers) is that he cared about his work. It wasn’t just a job to him, but a mission. He would come in early and stay late. He would answer client questions professionally and with respect.

Brodie Sherman

Co-Founder and CEO
Pit TicketPro Inc.

Shiva was available when I needed him and helped in the early days of developing our software. We had a billing issue, and rather than disappearing on us he identified the error and is working with us to refund the money he was paid incorrectly. He has been very honest and communicative in our dealings.

Kristy Davis

Director Business, Marketing, Product Management
The PACT (start-up)

I have worked with Shiva over the last year and have been very impressed with his skills. He has strong technical skills, is always willing to work to solve a problem no matter how difficult and is committed to delivering on time and on budget. I highly recommend Shiva, his skill set, and commitment to deliver and delight his customers.

Prapti Thapalia

Software Developer

I had the privilege of having Er. Shiva as my mentor during my internship and as my supervisor during my working period. Shiva's extraordinary approaches to problem solving and his excellent teaching skills to make his subordinates understand those approaches are commendable. His emphasis on understanding the philosophy and the purpose behind any programming language or any approach has been the foundation of my career in Information Technology.

Kishor Sharma

QA Engineer
GIS People Pty Ltd

Shiva's profile speaks a lot itself. I worked with Shiva since last year. He is a detail oriented person. We together worked for the project named as SPS. His worked as an ROR developer in this project but besides that he was a good tester too. As a QA, I feel proud to say he has a very good analytical skill which helps to minimize bug cycle and deliver a quality product. He is helpful and enjoy guiding juniors. And of course, he is a very fun loving person. His jokes still amuse me.

Sailendra Shakya

Senior Software Engineer
Global Digital Pvt. Ltd.

I had the pleasure of working with Shiva Bhusal for few months. I found that he is very hard working, detailed oriented and and always tried to get great result.


Ruby On Rails Consulting

I have 6 years of Ruby On Rails development and consulting experiences. I can help you build requirement and deliver you a prototype in a week; and then we can work to build the Real Application.

Code Auditing and Optimization

I can review your source-code and point-out problems, suggest solutions. If you wish, I can do the optimizations.

Coaching Classes

I love teaching and coaching. I can teach you programming remotely. I am affordable, contact me ASAP. I am free during this month.

Product Design

I can design your system using UML2.0 Specification. Under that, it can be Class Diagram Use Case Diagram Block Diagrams Diagram Component Diagram

Mobile App Development

My Mobile app team have developed many Android and iOS applications that are already in App and Play stores.

Search Engine Optimization

I can help your products and business to reach more to the customers via Search Engines.

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