Troubleshooting Macbook Pro 16" Magsafe Blinking Orange/Green Issue and Potential Solutions

Purchased your Macbook Pro 16" M1 Pro just 7 months ago, but facing an unexpected issue with the Magsafe charger showing a blinking orange light? This guide provides troubleshooting steps and potential solutions to help you address this concern.

The Blinking MagSafe: An Unexpected Glitch

After returning from a week-long vacation, attempting to power on your Macbook resulted in a blinking MagSafe charger exhibiting an orange color. Here’s what you’ve tried so far to remedy the situation.

Attempted Solutions

1. Cleaning the Charging Port

16 Inch Macbook Pro Magsafe Charger Port

An initial attempt involved carefully cleaning the charging port, yet this didn’t resolve the issue.

2. Changing Wire and Adapter

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You then tried using an alternate set of wires and a charging adapter, but unfortunately, this didn’t provide a solution either.

3. Apple Service Center Visit

Seeking professional help, you visited the Apple store. Although they managed to get it working by brushing connections inside, the problem resurfaced after about a month.

4. Heating Up The Laptop

Heating Up The Laptop

Based on insights from Apple’s community posts suggesting moisture in ports as the cause, you attempted to address this by using a hairdryer to warm up the laptop slightly. Remarkably, this temporarily resolved the issue, indicating a possible link to moisture.

Analyzing the Solution

It appears that heating the laptop helped due to moisture evaporation. The daily use of the laptop usually generates enough heat to prevent moisture accumulation. However, during the idle week of your vacation, low surrounding temperatures might have allowed moisture to build up, causing the blinking MagSafe issue.

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