How to apply for a new driving license in Nepal online

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Feb 16, 2020

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Step 1

First of all goto this link You will see some instructions like

Dotm page 1

Step 2

Click the link ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE REGISTRATION or click here You will see the following:-

Dotm page 2

Note: It knows you by phone number, so if you by mistake submit wrong data in the application then you can reapply with different phone number; I mean the phone number in the form. Otherwise it will ask you to wait for 15 days before you can apply again.

Step 3

Dotm page 3

Step 4

Dotm page 4

Step 5

Dotm page 5

Either you can submit these details or edit it.

Step 6

Dotm page 6

Note: If quota for that day is all occupied, you are asked to fill the form again the next day. Its better to fill the form early in the morning.

Step 7

Dotm page 7

Note: Upon success, you will be shown the page like above; you need to print this page. To Print, press CTRL+P and save as PDF format; copy it to pendrive and print it from any stationary shop.

Step 8 - for Ekantakuna Office

Be there at the office Room No: 8 for Biometrics

Required Documents:

- Citizenship Photocopy; 
- Citizenship Original
- the Printed confirmation page
- Rs. 10 Postal Stamps/Ticket [Hulak ticket]
- Rs. 38 worth Recipt for Medical Exam [Can be found at the small window on the left at the Entrance gate of the building]
- Rs. 500 for application fees; need to pay at Room-10 after eye-checkup.
- Dont forget to ask when is your Written exam or Trial.

Processing starts: at 10:30 AM

Daily Quota: 200 - 300

There can be separate Queues/lines for Girls and boys. Lucky to be a girl.


Dotm medical fees Dotm room 8

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Its easy to apply for driving license online here in Nepal. Just goto the link mentioned with mentioned document on time.
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